Jungle Parc



Sports shoes, and comfortable clothes. I can also wear gloves "bike gloves" for more comfort (optional).

The route is located in a pine forest, therefore the activity is carried out in the shade of the trees.

The children have 1h30 of activity, to this duration it is necessary to add 10 / 15mn of training

Children climb the route without adults, but at all times they must be accompanied by an adult (the adult following them on the ground).

Yes, but an adult can NOT watch over 3 children.

No, only the children who participate in the activity pay.

It is not dangerous. Children are always tied in height, without risk of falling.

A cloudy or rainy day does NOT prevent the good development of this activity. However, we would cancel the activity in case of a lot of rain or risk of an electrical storm. In any case we recommend calling, since the weather is very variable on the island.

NO, since it is an activity where we request the coordination of the children (manipulation of the carabiners in an autonomous way), for this reason the minimum age is 4 years.

NO, since the minimum height is calculated according to the height of the cables and the harness strings. If the child does not have the minimum height will not get hooked to the security cables.

Starting at 1m50, children participate exclusively in levels 3,4,5 and 6.

NO, we do not accept cards.

Yes, as long as the dog remains tied.

It is necessary to reserve in case of being a small group (more than 8 participants). Individually, it is not necessary.

You can not picnic (except birthday groups in the birthday area). We have a small bar, with tables and benches, where we sell soft drinks and ice cream.

We are in a forest, therefore it is not very easy to drive with a cart unless you have large wheels.